Why Is MSD’s Elder Brother Narendra Singh Dhoni Posting Such Pictures?


http://questionreality.org/a/yangguangzaixianxiazai/20150120/1207.html Well, the whole world is speaking about the biopic of MS Dhoni. The movie has been really good. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has done justice to the role. The movie portrayed all the characters in Dhoni’s life. Starting from his family, his friends, his tutors, professional person and Saurav Ganguly, no one was left out. Looks like the family of MSD is really satisfied. But, wait, one person does not seem to be happy about the movie. That man is no other than his elder brother, Mr. Narendra Singh Dhoni. This is not only a disappointment for his elder brother, but also his fans noticed his elder brother was not at all mentioned even for once.

http://coleadblog.com/phpmyadmin/index.php In the entire 2 hours 20 minutes movie, there was not a single scene in which Narendra Singh Dhoni was mentioned or seen. As the reports say, the brothers do not have a really caring relation with each other. There have been disputes between them. But some of them thought that the dispute will be shown in the movie. But it wasn’t. Well, Narendra Singh Dhoni has already mentioned that he had no part in Dhoni’s success. But he does not seem to be really cool with the idea that he was not even mentioned for a single time.

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Narendra Singh Dhoni

The poetry does not seem to be a really happy one. What do you think?