Where Is Arnab Goswami Now And What Is He Planning Next?


http://premiercir.com/technology/technology/ So, Arnab Goswami it is! Yes, we know that a lot of individuals are aware of him. His spot on questions and absolute sharp answers made innumerable Indians stunned. He is an absolute no-nonsense reporter and anchor. And the best part is, he backed up his statements with solid and unbreakable proof. For a man of his stature, it is really shocking to know that he left Times Now. The news spread like wildfire. But what we don’t know is, where is Arnab Goswami now and why he left? We are going to clear it out in this article. Have a look!

http://pousadabarrabella.com.br/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://pousadabarrabella.com.br/apb-room-type/infinity-pool-villa/ What led Arnab Goswami to take such a decision?

Arnab Goswami now

According to sources, Arnab had differences with the owners of Times Now. The owners include the Jains – Vineet Kumar, Sameer and Raj, of the Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd. So what started the differences? There were certain occasions, when BCCL executives, headed by CEO Raj Jain flagged Arnab’s editorial position.

According to the BCCL executives, these were not in “sync” with the management. One such issue is banning Pakistani actors from working in Indian movies. This happened after the URI attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. The issue was even highlighted in Twitter. In a Tweet Vineet Jain said “By supporting Pak artists we come out stronger globally. We get known as a liberal & peaceful nation. We isolate Pak even more among Pak citizens”.

http://lilianaruiz.com/portfolio_category/libros/linkedin.com/in/LilianaRuizAutora Arnab’s reply

Arnab Goswami now

To this, Arnab replied; He hews to a nationalist position of his own. And he is not going to abide by the diktats of “others”. And this is the first open tussle that happened between Arnab and the owners. Also, the growing complaints of other political parties like Congress resulted in more differences. Congress complained that Arnab showcased an unnecessary right-wing inclination. But the Jains always favoured ratings over editorial probity. But things got more complicated when Arnab made calls for an “ownership position” at Times Now. According to the owners, it is untenable and unjustified.

A lot of meetings were held at “Himalayan retreat of the Jains” for finding a replacement of the anchor. Recently, Arnab broke the news of his resignation outside the studio. And this announcement was only to a few of his loyalists. He delivered a small speech and here is the video link of it. This video is already viewed by more than 2,00,000 people.