You Can Still Use Your Old Rs. 500 Notes At These Places Before December Mid…Hurry!


here A majority of Indian citizens are lauding the government’s effort in putting an end to black money and corruption through demonetisation. However, just like any other step taken in the right direction, this process too has its own set of pros and cons. Maximum trouble is being borne by people who do not have debit/credit card or online banking facility and are forced to queue up outside banks and ATMs to draw cash for usage. There are many who have not been able to utilize their old currency in fruitful endeavors. Currency notes of Rs. 1000 have been officially banned now but its lesser counterpart who will soon be off the scene too can still be used at certain places. Here is a list of such places where your can still use your old rs 500 notes.

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use your old rs 500 notes

buy voltaren emulgel zamiennik Government hospitals are accepting old currency notes as their fees and charges.