Two Year Old baby Who Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day

818 Knowing that smoking is injurious to healh, most people are still addicted to smoking. Many start to smoke from a very small age like Ardi Rizal (youngest smoker of the world). Ardi Rizal, is a two year old baby who smokes 40 cigarettes a day! He is from Indonesia. Ardi strucks his head to wall, gets irritated and sometimes falls sick when he doesn’t get a minimum of two packs a day. baby who smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Ardi Smokes in quite a cool way. He also blows smoke rings and enjoy every cigarette in a unique way. He is never seen without a cigarette. He keeps smoking whole day and hardly gives himself a break from smoking.

buy viagra online reviews You will be shocked to know that, Ardi’s habit of smoking costs his parents 5$ (USD) per day. When asked to Ardi’s father Mohammed, about smoking of Ardi he said ‘He looks pretty good and healthy to me. I don’t see any problem.’ Mohammed being a fishmonger, manages to fulfill his son’s need and has no problem with the smoking of his two year old son!

Ardi’s youth is the extreme of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency showed 25 per cent of Indonesian children aged three to 15 have tried cigarettes, with 3.2 per cent of those active smokers.

The percentage of five to nine year olds lighting up increased from 0.4 per cent in 2001 to 2.8 per cent in 2004, the agency reported. (Source: Dailymail).