Trump Dog For Chinese New Year 2018


get link As everyone is gearing up for the year 2018, the people of China too are ready for their  new year. As you might not be knowing Chinese new year date varies. So they are celebrating their new year 2018 on February 16. A news related to Chinese new year and Donalad Trump has been coming. According to China Plus News the statue of president of United States of America, Donald Trump represented as dog has been spotted at shopping mall, Taiyuan, China.

trump dog

The statue is having the hair style matching exactly as that of Donalad Trump with the finger pointing towards the sky. More over the depiction includes, the golden eyebrows and hair flipped upwards in the front left side. The finger has been showed updates as its one the famous pose of President during debates. Also a well designed red collar has been put around Trump dog (deception of most ties of Trump). Lastly the statue is surrounded with many Christmas trees decorated with pink ornaments and artificial snow.

cheapest canadian pharmacy for cialis As the Chinese new year is celebrated on basis of the lunar-solar Chinese calendar and its corresponding zodiac animal. So, this year its the “Year of the Dog” thus it is clear why dog type statue has been made. However there is a mystery behind, why only Donald Trump is represented every time as an animal on Chinese new year?

Even last year when it was the “Year of the Rooster” for China, Donald Trump was represented as the Rooster. Similarly this year too same has happened and who know this might continue for years. And if it did then the upcoming years might make Trump and his fans fiery as he will be represented as Pig in year 2019 and rat in 2020.

trump dog

Among all United States of America presidents, only Donald Trump has been represented on Chinese new year.

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