Top Smartphone Games Which Are Everyone’s Favorites


Top Smartphone games

Smartphones have changed the way of our life completely. If I am not wrong! most of us use our Smartphone in Bathroom too. Actually it is the smartness of our smartphones, that doesn’t allow to keep our smartphone in the pocket for a long. Most of us get scolded by our parents for excess use of our smartphones. Huh! what ever happens we are not gonna stop from wasting time on our Smartphones.

We have got many things on our Smartphones for spending our time, but one the best option for spending time is playing games. Everyone of us have lots of games Installed on our Smartphones. Some people love racing games, some love Action games and some have any other choice. Leaving the choice aside, we have a list of some top Smartphone games which no one can ignore without playing them. Those top Smartphone games which are everyone’s favorites. 1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle game. The game has been download by more than 3,904,458 users on Google Play and is the most downloaded game. The game has many spinoffs viz Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Rio, etc.

In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of killing all the pigs on the playing field.

click 2. Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the coolest endless running game among all top Smartphone games on Google Play. The game has many spinoffs viz Temple Run : Brave, Temple Run: OZ, etc. It is that one Smartphone game in which we compete with our friends to score the highest.

In Temple Run, the player controls an explorer who, having stolen a treasure from a temple, is chased by “demonic monkeys” who want to eat him/her. As the game is an endless running game, there is no end to the temple. Therefore, the player plays until the character falls off the temple to his/her demise or is eaten by the crazed monkeys.

follow link 3. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle Smartphone game. It is the most downloaded iOS game for year 2013. In the same year it had about 6.7 million active users. The game earned revenue of $633,000 per day in the US section of the iOS App Store alone.

In Candy Crush Saga each level has a game board filled with differently colored candies, and might contain obstacles. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies, to create sets of three (or more) candies of the same color. Each level contains a certain objective that must be completed in a given number of moves (or on a time limit); some levels require clearing “jelly” off the board by making matches on top of them, reaching a certain score, getting ingredient items to the bottom of the board, or having to clear certain amounts or combinations of candies