These Will Be The Top 10 Richest Countries In 2050


Proscalpin order online We’re in the 21st century and we have developed much more than we thought we could as a world together. But still predicting the future is something we’re still incapable of, and knowing where an individual will be in the next 10 years is near to impossible. We do not really know about our future as an individual, but yes, as per the data like GDP, Per Capita Income, etc. we can roughly estimate the financial positions and rankings of the countries in terms of richness. One such prediction is given below by HSBC mentioning the top 10 richest countries in the next 34 years, i.e. in the year 2050.

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China has always been in the race when it comes to such lists. By the year 2050, it will be the richest country in the world. It will climb down the ladder of the population and workforce to second, but still it will be leading the list of richest countries.

follow url 2. United States ($22.27 trillion)

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The second richest country 34 years from now will be the United States. It will have to face a slower growth rate of per capita income in the next few decades but it is still going to end up second in the list. Factors like fertility rate, strong economic infrastructure and everything else is in the favor of the United States.