This Crazy Godman Claimed To Cure Diseases By Horrifying Methods And People Believed Him


buy clomid from boots Though we are in the century of  science and technology still a large number of Indian population believe in baba’s and self claimed godmen. People who believe in these self claimed baba’s follow them blindly. They can do anything for them, then be it murder. People who follow these baba’s not only are spiritually hollow but are also mentally ill. We have seen and heard of many baba’s and self claimed godmen being arrested for their illegal and horrifying activities still we people follow them blindly.

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buy brand name provigil online Talking about Bihar, India, though it is a state with good medical facilities. Still people of Kathir, a town in east Bihar instead of seeking medical treatment for their children when they fall ill go to a local crazy godman. People admit their children to this local godman because he claims to have magic powers by which he can cure diseases like malaria and malnutrition.

Like all other baba’s, Baba Jamun Yadav too tricked the illiterate villagers of Kathir. He made them believe that by transferring divine energy into their children through the soles of his feet their children will be cured from disease. And what followed was insane villagers allowing him to perform this brutal method on their children.

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