These Pictures Will Reveal The Differences Between Trump And Obama

2244 Well, it just cannot be denied that the debate between “who’s the better president of USA” is going to be unending. There will be a certain community of individuals, who are always going to support Trump. While there will also be a certain group of people (the sensible ones), will support Obama. So, we just cannot declare a winner between Trump and Obama. We bet in the history of America, no president would have felt so helpless to leave the Presidential position in such hands. We all know according to election results who won. But, at the same time, we also know the “person” who won. What kind of man Trump is!

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buy viagra online with visa gift card On one side, you have Barrack Obama, who loved his country to the core of his heart. And on one hand, we have Donald Trump, who understands nothing apart from hatred and war. It is really shocking for some random billionaire like Trump to become suddenly the president. Especially for someone who publicly abused women, his own country, his own people and several other countries. It is clear that he does not have any respect for any people other than himself, clearly a narcissist!