The 5 Best Indian Bodybuilders With Bulked Up Muscle


When it is about body building, we Indians mostly refer to the wrestlers, actors, and fighters who need to stay in perfect shape for their profession. Have we ever thought that people who are not in the above-mentioned profession have excellent bodies? No, we haven’t. And this is why this article is going to bring you the best Indian bodybuilders who have won innumerable prestigious contests. We had no idea about them. Have a look!

1. Thakur Anoop Singh

Indian bodybuilders

He is one of the top Indian bodybuilders and an ex-pilot. He had to leave his profession because of the emergency in airlines in India in 2008.

Indian bodybuilders

But that did not stop this person to keep maintaining his health. His dedication to gym sessions and a handsome face gave him a chance to grab a role as Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata.

Indian bodybuilders

After that, it was no looking back for him. He became Mr. World 2015. He looks stunning in any dress.