14 Simple Body Hacks To Make Your Everyday Life Much Easier


We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle but how often are we able to give our body the time it needs. We are always in such a rush that exercise and healthy eating take a backseat making way for an unhealthy us. However, there are certain amazing body hacks that can work as a savior for us in our everyday life. Take a note of them and keep them handy.

safest place to buy propecia online 1. Brain Freeze?

body hacks

Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to fight brain freeze.

buy the stars lyrics 2. Difficulty Falling Asleep?

body hacks

Blink your eyes rapidly for a minute if you are having a tough time falling asleep. Blinking will tire your eyes and let sleep overpower you.

watch 3. Relieve A Toothache

body hacks

Rub an ice cube between your thumb and forefinger as shown in the picture. This will relieve your toothache by half.