Shocking! Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Account Hacked


online pharmacy no prescription Lamictal Well, the internet can be cruel to someone. Especially for someone who is too much exposed to the media. You just cannot deny that Rahul Gandhi is one of the most popular politicians (err…read comedians here) of India. He had to face intense criticism for his insensitive comments. And till date, he got trolled innumerable times. Both in front of public seminars, Lok Sabha assembly meetings, interviews and what not. No, we are not making fun of him. But yes, the whole world is!

watch Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account is hacked. It was momentarily, but still, it got hacked. And this article is going to show you what the hacker did with the precious time he got with RG’s account. That hacker went on to tweet outrageous comments and tweets. He didn’t even spare his family. Well, by the time the IT department figured out, it was too late. Screenshots of his extremely funny tweets already went viral. And unfortunately for Rahul Gandhi, these screenshots will stay there forever. So here are the tweets!

We DO NOT support such hacks and actions. But it cannot be denied that this incident today brought immense comic relief for India. But we must credit RG’s IT team. They solved the issue fast before Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account got more messed up. Rajdeep Surjewala is already issuing a warning to the hackers.

get link 1. The series of continuous and funny tweets

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account

Well, what can we say about that? A lot of people might agree that he is a meme-worthy personality. No offense intended.