No Gates or Bezos, Russian President Putin Is The Richest Man


click here Becoming the richest person on the earth has now just become game or we can say fun! Some days back on Thursday the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos became the richest person on the face of earth. Then within just few hours Amazon’s stock price got little down and according to Forbes real-time ranking he was again overtaken by the long time richest person on the earth, Bill Gates.

watch What now is just amazing, that according to one of the top Financier. Both, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are no more the richest persons on the earth! So, what actually is this new twist in the story? Who is this man who up to now from nowhere might become richest person on the face of earth?

To inform you we all know him and he is one of the straight forward leader, the Russian President Putin. To add to your knowledge Bill gates and Jeff Bezos have net worth of $90 billion and $85 billion respectively. If Financier is to be believed then even Bill gates is no way near to the net worth of Vladmir Putin.

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russian president putin

Bill Browde, Former Hermitage Capital Management CEO, revealed net worth of Russian president Putin and as we said before Bill Gates is no way near it. His net worth is nearly estimated to be $200 billion, that is more than the total net worth of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

“Vladmir Putin has collected $200 billion via ill-means and keeps all his money in the West” Browde states to congress.

Further Browde adds,”Putin’s $200 billion is result of nefarious practices. A minimum of 10,000 Russian officials work for Russian president Putin. The officials are instructed to seize money from people be it through torture, kidnapping or even by killing.”

To make you familiar Browde, was the founder of an investment advisory company, Hermitage Capital Management of Russia. He was labelled a threat to Russia’s security, thus was banned from the country. According to Browde, Russian officials seized his company and Putin’s officials stole $230 million that he paid in tax to the state.