Public Toilet Design Around The World

28060 On daily base we use toilet be at home, work place, school or in public. With this we come to see different toilet designs. While some designs are fine for us, some are funny and others just useless (but in emergency we need to go!). We have also managed to get some pictures of public toilet design around the world among which some are beautifully designed, some are funny and weird too.

orlistat 60mg 1. Kenya

public toilet design

It’s not only Kenya with such public bathrooms. But many other countries such as India, Bangladesh, etc are hand in hand with Kenya when coming to public toilet design. 2. Switzerland

public toilet design

Switzerland, famous country among the tourists is also up to our expectation in public toilet design. This is a picture of public toilet in Zurich, the largest city of Switzerland and you can see a nice graffiti. With toilet you can enjoy the beautiful graffiti.