Check Out These Perfectly Timed Pictures


Every once in a while, there are some perfectly timed photographs. More often than not, these shots become memories and moments to cherish. However, at times there are some so perfectly timed pictures that you have to look at them twice. More often than not, these so called perfectly timed pictures are so hilarious that you just can’t stop laughing at them. Here is our collection of some of these so called perfectly timed pictures that will leave you in splits.


perfectly timed picturesThe two headed woman. Well no, she is not. This is just a perfectly timed picture of two twins that makes them look like conjoined twins instead. Kudos to the photographer for clicking it.


perfectly timed pictures

Now this is someone who can pick a fight with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The hilarious effect to which the chicken leg is held up is quite hilarious. The man looks like a pro wrestler on drugs instead of a normal man at the supermarket.