Pakistani Anchor Threatens PM Modi In The Most Epic Way


Every person of India and Pakistan knows that the relation between these two nations has never been good. The disadvantage of this bad relation is that even the people of the two nations have a great rivalry with each other.

We have been through many videos in which either India threatens Pakistan or vice-versa. Same type of video is circulating on the social media. In this video Pakistani anchor threatens PM Modi in the most epic way you will see in this year. The video was shared by Pak-Canadian writer Tarek Fatah. In this hilarious video the Pakistani anchor takes on PM Modi through ‘wacky shayari’.

Before showing you the video here are some highlights. And we are sure that you will enjoy it. #1

Pakistani Anchor threatens PM

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Pakistani Anchor threatens PM

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Pakistani Anchor threatens PM


Pakistani Anchor threatens PM
Source: Topyaps

The threats and warning by the Pakistani anchor doesn’t stop here. But they continue until she felt short of words. To see the full drama click on the next page.