The Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle Have Finally Been Revealed

260 Bermuda Triangle is the greatest unresolved mystery of the modern age. Some suggest that devil himself resides there and thus it is also called as Devil’s Triangle. It is a triangular-shaped area in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The three corners of this triangle are: Miami (Florida); San Juan (Puerto Rico); and Bermuda (a northern-Atlantic island). Thousands of people and numerous boats, ships and planes have been disappeared in this triangle until now. But the reasons given for these disappearances vary from scientific to sheer myth.

Here we are present with five mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle:

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Bermuda Triangle

A hexagonal cloud envelope is around the area that creates extremely terrifying winds. These brutal blasts of air are capable of flipping massive planes and giant ships.

These winds are also known as ‘air bombs’. They can rise up to 45ft in the air, and can crash down many planes. It has been noted that a normal wind created by these clouds can reach the wind speed that was seen during Hurricane Katrina.