Without Being Captain, MS Dhoni Calls For DRS


source In the first ODI between India and England which is being played today, India choose to bowl first. The match went through an amazing scenario in 26th over. It was Hardik Pandya, bowling the 5th ball of the 26th over to Eoin Morgan. The ball took a slight nick and travelled to wicket keeper, MS Dhoni. Whole Indian team went up for the appeal and so did Dhoni with confidence.

cheap orlistat singapore However, the umpire was not convinced by the appeal. Then, without waiting for the newly appointed captain, Virat Kohli, Dhoni straight away went for the DRS. After that Virat Kohli too showed the same to the umpire. To no surprise, umpire reversed the decision and Eoin Morgan went back to pavilion.

http://businesscards.plus/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"http:////businesscards.plus//project//magnetic-signs///"  Video: MS Dhoni calls for DRS


Either MS Dhoni, thought he still was the captain or he was much more confident on his decision. But what so ever, we surely enjoyed the moment as Dhoni got the DRS bang on!!