Mawlynnong: The Cleanest Village In Asia


Well, right now innumerable people are aware of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. And they have also started participating in the mission. That being said, we Indian’s had no idea that there existed a village in India, which is known as the cleanest village in Asia. Yes, did you know that Mawlynnong is known as the cleanest village? No, we bet you didn’t know. Do you like to know more about this village? Here in this article, we have got you all the details. Check them out!

1. Verdant hills is the location of the cleanest village in Asia

cleanest village

This is in Meghalaya, a small village. Cleanliness is the most important tradition in this village. People there have it as the habit, not a forced activity. We need to learn about cleanliness from this village.