Life Changing Useful Skills You Can Learn In Less Than 5 Mins


get link Bookish knowledge and science lessons are not enough to sail you through some difficult situations if you do not know how to apply them. Having a know-how of some simple useful skills is a must today and can even act as a life saviour for you besides creating a good impression on others. Here are some such skills that you can learn in under 5 mins.

buy brand name Premarin online 1. Using a fire extinguisher

useful skills

Remember the code PASS when using a fire extinguisher in an emergency. You won’t have enough time to read the instructions when fire is spreading around and hence this trick will help you use a fire extinguisher without wasting any time.

go here 2. Wearing a tie

useful skills

Wearing a tie or helping someone wear one is not something everyone is adept at. Try the steps shown in the diagram in your spare time and after 4 to 5 trials, you will be a pro at tying a perfect knot.