Lady From Assam Got Pregnant 85 Times in 6 months

383 Recently, a shocking case was reported to the Assam Health department wherein an auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) posted in the underdeveloped Health department of Hailakandi, Assam got pregnant 85 times in 6 months.

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how to buy cipro online Yes! It is beyond the imagination, but actually this nurse, Lily Begam Laskar, faked all these 85 pregnancies. She used to do this, so that she can take the advantage of the Government scheme that awards pregnant women a sum of Rs 500 for choosing to deliver baby at a health centre. The scheme is aimed to promote safer childbirth, but women like Lily Begam, instead of provoking such scheme are always trying to find new ways of doing such fraud activities.

According to the reports, the district’s Health Department received a complaint from unknown person about the frauds happening at Nitainagar Sub Public Health Centre under the Algapur Public Health Centre in Hailakandi.
After a thorough investigation, the Sub Centre saw nearly 155 pregnant women claiming pregnancy allowance but none of them were pregnant. And in all these 155 fake pregnancy cases, Majumdar’s name appeared 85 times on the list. Thus it clearly indicated that Majumdar took the money 85 times in mere six months time. And the total amount that this nurse earned from the fraud was Rs 42,000, of which she herself confessed after being caught.
Pregnant 85 times
According to sources, Lily Majumdar has now been suspended from the service. However, the state Health Department has neither taken any strict action against her, nor they have lodged any police complaint.
This is not the first such bizarre case that took place in Hailakandi district. As only two months ago, in the same district nine men were enrolled as “pregnant” under the Mamoni Scheme and  cheques were also issued to them.