This Journalist Covering His Own Wedding Is Hilarious


buy Lyrica mexico The news is from Pakistan where a Journalist covering his own wedding is making people laugh. This has now become a kind of trend that Pakistani Journalist always come up with such hilarious things. Hanan Bukhari, a Pakistani reporter of local channel City41, did something that will surely make you day. This reported not only covered his own wedding but also performed his duty. That is what we call “Taking the job too seriously”. It looked like that Hanan was too prepared to report from anywhere.

Hanan Bukhari, while holding the mic in his hand and facing the camera Hanan started to report live from his own wedding. He started the telecast by saying, “Bahot khushi ka din ha meray liye bhi aur meray gharwalo ke liye bhi. Kyunki meri love marriage hai aur love marriage mein meri wife bhi khaasi khush hain. Na sirf meri wife balki unke ghar wale bhi khush nazar aarahy hain. Mere waalde mohatarram bhi yahan maujood hain jinhone betahasha ant tak mehnat karne ke baad yeh din dekha hai. Aur tamam intezamaat bhi sambhaale the unhone. ”

He even interviewed his father. After this he went up to bride and asked her about all the arrangements. He also asked her about the gifts he got her (sports bikes and luxurious cars ), to which bride responded; she wishes that he kept fulfilling her wishes like this!

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