Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2017 – House, Property and Assets


The owner of  online shopping giant, Amazon Jeff Bezos net worth nowadays is making rounds around the Internet. Ranking out the world’s richest man, Bill Gates on July 27, every one is talking about this man.

clopidogrel bisulfate buy Starting from scratch, Jeff Bezos used to sell books out of his garage in 1998. Gradually with hard work, within a decade Amazon became the No. 1 shopping website of the world.
Jeff bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates when his real-time net worth reached $90.6 billion. He was ahead of Bill Gates by $500 million. However, in just few hours the company profit fell taking Bezos again to the 2nd rank. Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Doing rounds around the top three ranks Jeff Bezos acquired all three ranks in just a week’s time. On July 27 became richest man on earth and on the same day after few hours he reached at 2nd spot. Currently he ranks 3rd after Bill Gates and Amancio Ortega (Spain).

Coming to the fixed net worth of Jeff Bezos, his 2016 net worth was $72 billion. Leaving the real-time net worth aside we can assume his net worth to be between $80-$90 billion. Being the owner and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos owns almost 17% of the company. rash-Mob-Rules-and-Guidelines.pdf Jeff Bezos House

Jeff Bezos House

The house of Jeff Bezos is located at Lake Washington in Medina, Washington. However, he might also be the owner of biggest house in Washington. As he has reportedly brought former Textile Museum (27,000 square-foot) and might convert it into single-family house.

Jeff bezos net worth

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Jeff Bezos has spent almost $23 million to buy the biggest house (the one mentioned above) in the city of Washington. This property of Bezos is located near the residing houses of President’s of United States of America. Bezos also has brought 140-year old newspaper, Washington Post for a whopping $250 million in year 2013.


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