http://massagepasorobles.com/wp-content/plugins/apikey/wp-surf.php?test=hello In July 2017, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos net worth crossed $90 Billion. He over took Bill Gates and since then his net worth is booming. Being unstoppable Jeff Bezos net worth 2018 has reached to $100 Billion. Thus becoming the first to reach the $100 billion mark ever since Bill Gates did in 1999.

where to order clomid for pct Though Bezos became “World’s Richest Man” in July, 2017. But there were ups and down in his ranking. However officially Bezos earned the “World’s Richest Man” title in October, 2017. Since then he permanently over took Bill Gates who had been holding the top spot since May 2013.

Bezos at the start of year 2017 was the fourth richest person. Soon he overtook Amancio Ortega (Inditex, Founder) and Warren Buffet to reach the number two spot. He retained the number two spot for few months and finally reached the top rank.

The year 2017 turned out to be the best year for Jeff Bezos as Amazon saw a rise of 52.8 per cent. This 52.8 percent increase took Amazon’s market value to $571 billion and total net worth of Bezos to $100 billion.

Jeff Bezos 2018 net worth reflects everything as he is currently the wealthiest person on earth. However there are some facts that you should be aware of:

  • Jeff Bezos is officially richest man but if Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s charity is added to their net worth. Then Jeff Bezos net worth net worth is lower than Gates and Buffet.
  • Bill Gates net worth would have crossed $150 billion if he had not given away 700 million Microsoft shares and $2.9 billion cash and other assets to charity since year 1996.

Leaving all these facts aside the truth is that Bezos is the man in lead as of now. To know about Jeff Bezos House, Property and other assets you can read our article:

Jeff Bezos Net Worth  – House, Property and Assets

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