iPhone 7 Durability Test: Water, Hammer, Scratch And Flame Test!


Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 on September 7. The phone was available in market from September 16. Apple released iPhone 7 in three storage variants – 32GB (Rs. 60,000), 128GB (Rs. 70,000) and 256GB (Rs. 80,000). Apart from this two new colours, Jet black and Matte black were introduced with availability of old colours (Gold, Rose gold, Silver).

Thought the headphone jack is absent in iPhone 7. But, the water and dust resistant feature is added instead. Here is the first, iPhone 7 durability test under 3 ½ ft. water.

follow Water Test Video:

Source: iDeviceHelp

It was a test to check if iPhone 7 is really water-resistant? And without any doubt, Yes! it is..

After the water resistance check, we are going to show you the iPhone 7 durability test video. In this video TechRax uses hammer and knife to check the durability of iPhone 7!

source link Hammer And Scratch Test Video:

Source: TechRax

While going through the knife scratch test, iPhone 7 got scratches mostly on the back rather than on-screen. After that a 3 pound hammer is used to check the survival time of iPhone 7.

When hammer is dropped on iPhone 7 from different good heights. Nothing happens! Not a single crack, not a single scratch.

Going to real good hitting test, the iPhone 7 shows no crack on 1st, 2nd and 3rd hit. On the 4th hit screen finally cracks. But the screen still turns on and touch screen works too! However, from the 5th hit on you can see the table gets cracks, size and shape of iPhone 7 completely changes.

get link Flame Test Video:

Source: Zach Straley

This was the last test of iPhone 7! The competition was between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Neither of the phone qualified in the fire resistance test.

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