10 Interesting Features Of Japanese Education System That The World Should Imbibe


go Every nation has its own education system that has something unique about it. But there are some countries that pay a lot of heed to education and ensure that their young generation learns something of value and not just grow up as book worms. Japanese education system is known worldwide for some of its amazing characteristics. Here are 10 interesting features of Japan’s education system that all of us should adopt.

where can i buy Clomiphene fertility pills 1. No Exam Till Grade 4

Japanese education

More important is given to manners and characters than learning in early childhood and that is the reason Japanese children till grade 4 do not need to sit for any exams. They are given small tests and are mainly taught qualities of head and heart.

click 2. Academic Year Starts on April 1

Japanese education

Unlike other schools and universities, Japanese schools start their academic session on April 1, which coincides with the beautiful time of cherry blossom. They have three trimesters per academic year – April 1- July 20, September 1 – December 26, and January 7 – March 25. The students get two-week break in winter and spring as well as six weeks off during summer.