6 Indian Cricketers And Their Luxurious Cars


http://kseniapphotography.ca/lifestyle-session-vs-posed-newborn-session/ Cricket is not a global sport like rugby or football still, Indian cricketers manage to earn a hefty sum of money owing to a large cricketing market in India. Commercialization of cricket in recent past has even added things to the list. On an average basis Indian Cricketers earn much more than what their counterparts earn in other countries. Hence if they have some luxurious cars it is no brainer actually. Here we present you 6 Indian cricketers and their luxurious cars.

http://relglaw.com/pma/ 1. Rohit Sharma

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As are his shots, the same is his liking for his driveway. Rohit Sharma owns a BMW M5, a classy sedan with a strong 560bhp of power. Which means this car can reach 100 miles per sec in mere 3.7 seconds. Priced at 1.39 crores this car can be seen in the garages of Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh.