India Richest List 2018 – Top 10 Richest Indians


Mukesh Ambani once again has topped in the India richest list 2018. While there is no change in the rank 1, but there are changes in the overall ranking. Let us take a look at the top 10 richest Indians 2018.

source 1. Mukesh Ambani – $41.4 Billion

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From last many years no one has been able to go near Mukesh Amabani’s net worth. He is the only Indian who almost every time features in the top 50 richest people of the world.

Mukesh Amabani’s 2018 net worth has seen a great increase compared to last year. Having worldwide rank of 33 in year 2017 his net worth was $23.2B.  This year he is ranking 18th with net worth of $41.4B.

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India richest list 2018

Indian business tycoon and owner of Wipro Limited, Azim Premji has outranked Lakshmi Mittal. In year 2017, Lakshmi Mittal was second richest Indian. This year Azim Premji has taken his place with a net worth of $20.2B.

Azim Premji’s worldwide rank has also improved. From rank 72 he has reached to the 56th spot.

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India richest list 2018

Owner and CEO of the world’s largest steel making company, ArcelorMittal is the 3rd richest Indian. Though his rank has dropped but his net worth has seen increase of $2.2B.

Lakshmi Mittal’s 2018 net worth is $18.6 Billion. His worldwide rank has dropped from 56 to 65th place.


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