If Rich People Were Standing In Lines, India Would Look Like This!!


see In the last few days, India has seen many things and the prime reason for all the changes/discomfort/happiness is “DEMONETIZATION” of ‘Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000’ notes. Aimed at curbing the ‘Black Money’ problem in India, this Demonetization scheme has received mixed responses from the citizens. Long queues outside banks is the most common problem faced by almost everyone. Lets see, how would rich people look like standing in the lines :

http://findmybutler.com/?p=1001 1. Vijay Mallya

Rich people

Well, Vijay Mallya, the king of the most luxurious air transport in the world would surely look like this while waiting for money.

can you buy accutane in canada 2. Gautam Adani

Rich people

Doesn’t his name sound like ‘Gareeb Aadmi’ which definitely is ironical to the position he has in India.