Hilarious Differences Between Men And Women You All Will Relate To


http://scubaworldinc.net/toms-black-Friday.html>toms When you read or hear someone say, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, you immediately realize that there is a world of differences between men and women. While men have failed at understanding women however they try, women seem to have mastered the art. Let’s read some of the hilarious differences between the genders that has made it impossible for them to be in sync.

click 1. Packing 

http://wkbl1250.com/img_0082/ differences between men and women

Women start mentally preparing for packing at least a month in advance and make lists, go shopping, start stocking for the entire family. Men are carefree and take just five-ten minutes to stuff their luggage without bothering about if something’s missing.