13 Hidden Features On Everyday Things We Didn’t Know About


http://451spirits.com/pma/ So, everyday things can include a lot of general items that we use normally. Be it a small eraser to a laptop charger. Well, we use all these things but we didn’t know that there were such hidden features within them. Here we present you with 13 most common everyday things. But we bet you had no idea that these everyday things had such hidden features.

go to site 1. Bottle indents

everyday things

We know you have seen these lots of time. And you wondered why are the bottle indents used for wine bottles? The reason is, it keeps the pressure even when the bottle is corked. Higher the pressure, deeper is the indent.

http://go2uvm.org/2014/09/uvm-register-model-creation-just-a-few-clicks-away/ 2. The smaller hole in your phone

everyday things

Now that small hole we see innumerable times in our daily life. But we ignore. But that small hole is actually the microphone embedded within the phone body.