Here Is Real Life Phunshuk Wangdu Who Inspired Aamir Khan

1465 We bet almost all of you have seen the super hit movie “three idiots”. One of the remarkable characters of the movie was played by Aamir Khan. But you may not know who inspired the character of Aamir Khan. The Phunshuk Wangdu character was developed from a real life individual called Sonam Wangchuk. His amazing innovations have completely reshaped the world. The “Ice Stupas” project has made him extremely popular internationally. So who is actually Sonam Wangchuk? Let us know more about that person.

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get link Sonam Wangchuk is an engineer from Leh in India

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He is 50 years old. With his engineering skills, he dedicated his life in solving the issues of lack of water for agriculture. The Ladakh region has a shortage of water during summer. The landscape of Ladakh is rocky and similar to a desert. People face extreme conditions for lack of water.