Famous 8 Brands India Needs To Ban Immediately


buy a heart lyrics Right after the ban of famous junk food brand Maggi, there was a speculation that there’s a host of brands India needs to ban right away. Conspiracy theorists suggest, that India being a developing country is at the receiving end of all the ill products that are rejected in the rest of the world. Is that so? Let us find out.

Yes! Many top brand products which are at the peak in Indian markets tend to have many harmful side effects. Go through this list to find out which brands India needs to ban ASAP as these brands have been already banned around the different countries of the world. Moreover, these brands have earned so much fame among India people that their products are used unabashedly.

watch 1. Haldiram’s Packages

brands india needs to ban

Haldiram’s products were once very popular in the United States (US) but after a thorough check by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it received a red signal. According to FDA, these products contain poisonous content and unfiltered ingredients.

However, Haldiram’s spokesperson, said that just because it did not pass FDA test does not mean it is completely impure – every country’s standards are different.

here 2. Lifebuoy Soap

brands india needs to ban

According to health checks of different developed countries, Lifebuoy soaps are harmful to the skin. In fact, they are widely used to cleanse the skin of the animals. But, in Indian it’s the No. 1 soap used widely by people.

Even after all these things Indian authorities are yet to impose a limit on the use of this soap.