Do You Sit In Cross-Legged Position? You Have To Make Amendments!

236 There are things which we ourselves never realised when we have adopted it. Habits which even though are really normal in life proves to be harmful. Habits like working late at night, use of too many gadgets, etc. But have you given a thought that your one specific sort of sitting posture can create problems for you? Yes it is, sitting cross-legged can create problems for you.

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go site cross-leggedWell yes, this is true. After a lot of research, it has been observed sitting cross-legged is one of the most harmful sitting postures. It can give you physical ailments. There is a thing known as peroneal nerve paralysis or palsy. This was supposed to be caused when a person sits in a single posture for a prolonged period of time but recently a research has shown that the danger of palsy increases manifold if you sit cross-legged. It is one of the most harmful sitting postures.