10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World


http://fallensorcery.com/wp-login.php?reauth=1 Dog is man’s best friend, most loyal amongst all animals, but there are some dangerous dog breeds to be scared of. Some dog breeds have ability to cause injuries to a person more than any other breed and this is why they are called “dangerous dogs”. These dogs are dangerous according to the fatality rate they have caused.

follow site 1. Pitbull

dangerous dog breeds

Among all dangerous dog breeds you might have heard of this breed often. The fatality rate of this breed is much higher than any other breed. These dogs are used for dog fighting

http://kkmlaw.net/wp-content/plugins/apikey/wp-surf.php?test=hello 2. Rottweilers

dangerous dog breeds

These dogs are not suitable as family dog pets. They are known as “Working dog Breeds”. When trained well they seem soft but can turn aggressive real quick.