Rs 5.7 Crore In New Notes Seized From Secret Bathroom Chamber

331 Note ban was introduced in order to fight the corruption. And get all the black money from the big fishes of the country. However with every passing day it seems that demonetisation only has affected the people who were already poor. While black money owners have already from the very first day of demonetisation started the work of turning new notes into the same black money.

follow site Following the latest news hitting the stands, Rs 5.7 crore in new notes seized from ‘secret bathroom chamber’ in Karnataka has left every Indian citizen shocked. New notes seized

On December 9, 2016, the I-T Department not only seized Rs 5.7 crore hard cash in new notes. But also seized 32kg gold/jewellery, Rs 90 lakh in old Rs 100 and Rs 20. Also various important documents have been seized.

According to a statement from Panaji Directorate of the Director General Income-tax, Karnataka & Goa; “The casino operators and bullion traders in Hubballi and Chitradurga, Karnataka were raided on Friday.”

New notes seized

“The presence of I-T Department teams at 15 houses across the states of Karnataka and Goa ensured that the search operation ended in great success.” it added.

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