12 Cool Pranks You Can Try On Your Family And Friends….But Try Not To Get Caught, Else…..


http://a1asbestos.com.au/A1 Playing pranks gives immense pleasure and satisfaction, especially if you succeed in executing it flawlessly. And if you don’t get caught in the act, then it’s simply the best feeling in the world. Yeah, I can see all the pranksters grinning and already scratching their hands to get a hold of some new and cool pranks. So here we are with a list of 12 cool pranks that are quite easy to execute but not many would have imagined it yet. Proceed at your own risk!

http://prismco.org/productions 1. Laptop Spread

cool pranks

Be ready with an ambulance!

enter 2. Oreo with a Twist

cool pranks

Tooth pastes had never been so interesting….