China Attacks India: Kills 160 Indian Soldiers With Rocket Attack


The attack carried out by Chinese soldiers aiming at the India army posts in Doklam, Sikkim has killed at least 160 Indian soldiers. Chinese soldiers aimed the Indian posts with rockets which apart from the killings wounded many Indian army soldiers.

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China attacks India

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China attack India


China attack India


China attacks India

According to Duniyanews, the news about the attack was first telecast on China central television. The two-minute video showed the Chinese soldiers attacking the Indian army posts with rockets and other deadly war weapons which include missiles and anti-tank grenades.

Though this is only one part the story as the news has only been telecast by China central television and few Pakistan based news channels. From the Indian side no authentic news channel has yet telecast anything about, China attacking India.

Neither India news channels showed anything related to the attack nor they have denied the news. Only one denial has come from Indian side that by Major Gaurav Arya. He tweeted:

“Fake images on social media of “Chinese attack” on Indian Army base in Doklam area. Please ignore. Not one single shot fired. All is well.”

To make you remember India and China’s conflicts are at peak from last few months. The countries have issue about the Doklam, Sikkim area. Both the country allege each other of entering respective borders.

The conflict between India-China is since the end of British rule. The main areas of the dispute are Aksai Chin, a 14,380 square-miles area and MacMahon Line.