This Boy With Biggest Hands In The World Was Called A ‘Devil Child’


buy Lyrica online canada People often crib about their not so perfect features and feel less blessed. But have you ever considered how lucky you are to have a normal body with normal features? If you have complaints about your eyes being small and nose being broad, you will immediately feel fortunate after reading about this boy who has the biggest hands in the world. Imagine yourself in his shoes and you would know what it means to be in his shoes.

go here biggest hands in the world Mohammed Kaleem, 8, hails from a remote village and suffers from a rare disorder called local gigantism or macrodactyly. He was born with huge palms measuring 33 cms and was called a ‘devil child’ by the villagers. His parents were made to believe that he is a curse on them and is something they should be ashamed of. Nobody liked him and he and his family were kind of looked down by their fellow villagers.