Black People With Blue Eyes | Origin, Facts And Pictures


7. Europe full of blue-eyed people

black people with blue eyes

The epicenter of the blue-eye gene mutation has been found to be around Europe. While this may be a dominant reason behind blue eyes ruling Europe, another fascinating explanation stems from partner selection.

In ancient times, partner selection was much stronger in Europe than any other part of the world. A European guy had more affinity towards blue-eyed girls, thereby creating more blue-eyed little humans. Both of these hypotheses explain why the number of black people with blue eyes is limited.

8. The only boy with blue eyes in his town

black people with blue eyes

This picture of a boy with blue eyes was immediately challenged and assumed to have been Photoshopped. He is the only boy in his town with blue eyes. And the photographer had a tough time defending his side and proving that this is an unedited photograph.

His incredibly beautiful eyes gave rise to the term “sapphire eyes” for their striking resemblance with the blue sapphire.