Black People With Blue Eyes | Origin, Facts And Pictures


They say eyes do the talking and are the first thing you notice about someone. Though there is nothing intriguing about black and brown eyes. But people with green, hazel and blue eyes instantly become quite popular by their striking eye color.

However, how many black people with blue eyes or green eyes have you met or seen (personally)? I’d say none. But this reminds me of Vanessa Williams and Micheal Ealy who have made us go weak in the knees every time they have appeared on the screen.

The fact is that black people with blue eyes are extremely rare and the mystery behind this unique trait still lingers on. Though some theories have surfaced explaining this incredible and unusual phenomenon, a convincing explanation is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, check out origin and facts behind black people with blue eyes for a better understanding.

1. Black people with blue eyes origin

black people with blue eyes

Black people almost always have brown eyes. And black people with blue eyes are uncommon, especially if they have no Caucasian ancestry. Brown eyes are actually endemic to the black race.

As per research, it is an ancient genetic mutation that has bestowed blue eyes in some people. However, there can be some health conditions too that can result in blue eye color in blacks. Continue reading for more insight into this phenomenon.

2. Blue-eyed people share the same DNA

black people with blue eyes

It was only some 10,000 years ago that the first light-eyed human emerged with blue eyes. A research conducted by a group of scientists from the Copenhagen University concluded that all blue-eyed people share the same DNA.

It proves that every person on this earth who has blue eyes is related to each other. 10,000 years ago, the blue eye gene has been transferred from parents to offsprings and has been spreading to various geographical locations.