15 Bizarre Pictures That Will Make You Yell WTF!


source url They say pictures capture the moment and your emotions related to that particular moment. I beg to differ with this concept as pics can sometimes be deceiving and the reality of the moment may be worlds apart from what has been captured by the camera. Nevertheless, photographs are still the best alternative to your memory power and help you recollect the times and places you have been. But today, we are not talking about normal pics; here is a collection of some bizarre pictures that seem to be so weird that they will make you yell wtf!

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bizarre pictures

Were those stone pillars placed after the ship decided to take a permanent halt or did the ship recklessly sail to this spot? Whatever it is, the mini boat down there is sure to pull it out of its misery. Best of luck little boat!

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bizarre pictures

Is it two thumbs in one or is it one thumb split into two? Those twin thumbs look bizarre and creepy to me…


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