5 Badass Prisoners Who Tried To Escape In Bollywood Style


Well, we bet you have heard about a lot of prison break stories in your childhood. And it just cannot be denied that Bollywood has given us innumerable prison break movies. And as we are all aware that a huge number of people just love Bollywood movies. Some badass prisoners have taken these prison break stories seriously. Prison break sounds like really exciting, but it’s not really easy AT ALL to get out of any prison. And the best part is, if you get caught, you are going to face the punishment that you just cannot imagine. Here in this article, we are going to bring you the list of 5 badass prisoners who tried to break out of prison. Check them out now!

1. Using the toilet pipe

badass prisoners

Yes, if you want to escape, you need to do things without any inhibitions. And this is exactly what the prisoner tried to do. He used the toilet pipe to escape. But unfortunately, he didn’t make the calculation of its size and his own body. He got stuck there with half of his body inside the gutter. Later he was arrested.