700 Cars 20 Villas And 58 Aircrafts – That’s Vladimir Putin For You!


Well, when it is the president of Russia, you know the name, right? Yes, he is Vladimir Putin. You think you know enough about him? Guess what, you have no idea about what he owns! He is one of the most powerful and richest leaders at present. And being the president, he displays his wealth in a really lavish way. This article will give you a complete overview of the power and wealth of Vladimir Putin. Have a look!

1. Here is what Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth is

Vladimir Putin

Putin is leading Russia for more than 12 years. He lives an exuberant lifestyle. He has a great collection of gold watches, 5 storey yatches, Jacuzzi and marble bathroom, 20 palaces and villas, 58 aircraft, and more than 700 luxury vehicles. Whoa! That is something to boast of! He has experienced extreme expansion as presidential perks. And he continues to grow.

2. The 20 palaces and villas

Vladimir Putin

He owns 20 palaces and villas. It includes Finland, Moscow, Europe, and other places. He also owns a palatial mansion that is fenced by Black sea. And that palatial mansion is worth $1 billion. There is more!