15 Year Old Paralysed Boy Beats Cancer To Become First Indian Wheelchair Bodybuilder


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buy Lyrica online overnight Today, we are going to tell you an inspirational success story of a 15-year-old paralysed boy, Anand Arnold who hails from Punjab, India. Anand from his childhood days had a dream of becoming one of the best Bodybuilder in India. He was so hardworking that at the age of 13 years he won his first bodybuilding trophy. Anand had luckily got off to a good start in his career, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord at the age of 15.First Indian Wheel Chair Bodybuilder

Anand underwent an operation for treatment of cancer after he was diagnosed. Though life of Anand was saved, but he was left paralysed for three long years.

Anand explained: ‘After the operation, my chest was paralysed. I could just move my hands and nothing else. Those three years were like a hell for me”

First Indian Wheel Chair Bodybuilder

However, Anand by the support and love of his family once again stood up to complete his dream of becoming a bodybuilder. He again started his training on the wheelchair and this time it looked that he was going to achieve his dream by hook or crook and same happened.

Source: Barcroft India
Source: Barcroft India

Anand is currently 28-year-old and till date he has won Mr. India title thrice, Mr. Punjab tittle 12 times and 27 other titles. Apart from winning these titles he is also the international model for Muscle Mania and brand ambassador of Halelifenutrition company.First Indian Wheelchair Bodybuilder

Although Anand’s Career has reached heights of sky, he still is working hard to get more titles and respect.

Anand also said that: “His biggest dream is to make a movie on his life. So that it will inspire people to reach new heights. It will give people like me a new ray of hope.” And we too believe that this dream of Anand will also come true 😉