12 Facts About Bhagat Singh You Must Know


go to link His sacrifice had motivated the youths of his time to play even more greater role in the glorious Freedom Struggle against the despotic British Regime. His biographies still give Goosebumps to Indians and Pakistanis alike. He is one of very few freedom fighters, revered with utmost and similar respect in both the countries. On his birth anniversary here are 12 facts about Bhagat Singh that will aware you with one of the most important figure of our freedom struggle.

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His name means a person with good luck, He was named Bhagat because on the day he was born, two of his uncles were released from prison.

source link #2Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life so that an example can be set for a largely dormant youths of our country. Here are 12 facts about Bhagat Singh

He didn’t marry and on being forced by his family he left his home to assume a greater role in the Independence Movement, only at the age of 15.