10 Strangest Competitions From Around The World


Life is nothing but a competition where you fight with every other person just to make a way for you and excel from every other participants. But sometimes the competitions can be pretty bizarre, particularly if you are supposed to fight with your toes to win a prize. Here are 10 strangest competitions from around the world that will give you a chill if you consider yourself a player.


strangest competitions from around the world

On their Independence Day, Indonesians play a game similar to ‘Dahi-Handi’ from India. The game is called Areca Tree Climbing Competition, like Dahi-Handi the children try to climb a tree to collect a prize tied to its topmost point but the hard thing is, the tree is greased to make it slippery and hence tough to conquer.


strangest competitions from around the world

In Japan there is a 400-year competition where Sumo wrestlers hold a baby in their hands and try to make’em cry. The Sumo who makes his baby cry loudest wins the competition.