10 Drugs And Their Effects You Surely Didn’t Know


http://aarkinc.com/wp-content/plugins/apikey/wp_flo.php Drug abuse is becoming more prevalent in our modern society. This profane addiction is causing deterioration of values from our society. These drugs have made their way into our lifestyle, and the numbers of people addicted to these drugs are increasing but they are not aware of the consequences of drug abuse. Besides problems in social lives there are other medical and health related problems that can arise from excessive use or abuse of these drugs. Here’s a list of 10 drugs and their effects.

follow url 1. LSD

10 drugs and its effectsLSD is considered to be the most effective hallucinogen out there in the market. It’s effects are so grave that the users forget the real world and start living a world of their own imagination. LSDs impair our senses and cause troubled vision, mood swings and paranoia apart from a range of other physical complications like organ failure and loss of senses.

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drugs and their effectsDebates are still on the legalisation of marijuana, its medicinal importance can’t be denied, but overuse or abuse of it can lead to a number of physical and psychological disorders. As marijuana is administered through smoking, so it can cause a variety of respiration issues, some of which can be chronic. Also, the loss of memory is another major issue resulting from the abuse of this weed.