10 Biggest Fights Of The Cricket History


buy clomid mastercard Here we have brought up a good and well researched article about the biggest fights in cricket history. When two teams take  to the field and engage in a competitive sport, circumstances and tense condition causes temper to fray. Though cricket in old days rarely saw an angry skirmish, but the modern-day game has had its fair share of ill-tempered fights. Losing is not an option and that puts so much pressure on players in the field, that some time things go over board. Here are some of biggest fights of the cricket history which brought the game into dispute. These fights deserve to make list due to the sheer amount of anger involved.

get link 1. Shoaib Akhter vs Harbhajan Singh

 biggest fights of the cricket history

Asia cup 2010. Now that,s what we call a full-fledged abuse, when India won the Asia Cup game against Pakistan and Shoaib Akhtar could be seen over live TV. Abusing Harbhajan and telling him many things, but soon after match things got normal between the two.

http://primeexteriorscompany.com/tag/advice-for-homeowners/ 2. Steve Waugh and curtly Ambrose

 biggest fights of the cricket history

When a fast bowler having a height of 6’7 is bowling a good pace and giving you lethal stares, the best thing for you to do is just look away. The usually stoic Steve forgot this rule for a moment and swore at huge Curtly Ambrose. Then what followed was sight worth looking, as Ambrose charged towards Waugh and was stopped only due to a mighty effort from his teammate.